Macon County General Hospital
Working for Your Better Health
Code of Conduct

The Hospital has developed a Code of Ethics which provides a general
organizational statement of the ethical and compliance principles and values that
guide the Hospital's operations.  The Code of Ethics provides a broader awareness
of our ethical and legal responsibilities.  The Code of Ethics also articulates the
Hospital's commitment to compliance by management, employees, contractors and
the medical staff.  The Code of Ethics provides guidance in the employee's private
life, as well as professional, to be consistent with the responsible image the
Hospital wants to project to patients, visitors and community.  The Code of Ethics
requires truthfulness, honesty, fairness and integrity in all human activities.  
Employees share to some degree the Code of Ethics that regulate the activities of
physicians and nurses; in that physicians have the training, primary responsibility
and legal right to diagnose and treat human illness and injury.  Information
concerning patients, fellow employees and other hospital business is confidential
and must not be discussed outside the hospital.  Employees are not to burden
patients and other employees with their personal problems.  Managers have the
additional responsibility of ensuring that the employees they supervise be familiar
with the hospital Code of Ethics.  The Hospital recognizes that we all share in the
collective responsibility to uphold the Hospital's reputation; provide patient care
while practicing ethical business behavior; meet rigorous professional standards;
comply with the laws and regulations that govern our work, and to report any
violations or suspected violations.